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The ballerinax/trigger.asgardeo module provides a Listener to grasp events triggered from your Asgardeo organization. This functionality is provided by the Asgardeo Events API. The Asgardeo Trigger module allows you to listen to the following events when they occur in your Asgardeo organization:

  • Registration Events
    • Add User Event
    • Accept User Invite Event
    • Confirm Self Sign Up Event
  • User Operation Events
    • User Account Lock Event
    • User Account Unlock Event
    • User Credential Update Event
    • User Delete Event
    • User Group Update Event
  • Login Events
    • Login Success Event

Learn more about Asgardeo events.


  • An organization in Asgardeo. Learn how to sign up and create an organization from here.
  • An organization in Choreo created with the same email address and under the same name that was used to create the organization in Asgardeo.
  • Enable event publishing in your Asgardeo Organization. Learn how to enable from here.


Follow the steps given below to try out the Asgardeo listener.

Step 1: Create a webhook in Choreo to receive Asgardeo events

To use the Asgardeo listener, go to the Choreo Console and create a webhook with Asgardeo as the trigger type. Learn more about how to develop a webhook.

Step 2: Program a logic to trigger for Asgardeo events

Now you can implement listener remote functions supported by this connector.

  1. Write a remote function to receive a particular event type.

  2. Implement your logic within that function as shown in the below sample. This is an example of logging Asgardeo events in the Choreo console.

    import ballerinax/trigger.asgardeo;
    import ballerina/log;
    import ballerina/http;
    configurable asgardeo:ListenerConfig config = ?;
    listener http:Listener httpListener = new(8090);
    listener asgardeo:Listener webhookListener =  new(config,httpListener);
    service asgardeo:RegistrationService on webhookListener {
        remote function onAddUser(asgardeo:AddUserEvent event ) returns error? {
        remote function onConfirmSelfSignup(asgardeo:GenericEvent event ) returns error? {
        remote function onAcceptUserInvite(asgardeo:GenericEvent event ) returns error? {
    service /ignore on httpListener {}

Step 3: Deploy the Webhook in Choreo

Once you have created the webhook, go to the Deploy tab on the Choreo Console and click on Config & Deploy button to start the deployment process. Learn more about how to deploy a webhook from here..


import ballerinax/trigger.asgardeo;Copy


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Version: 0.6.0

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Ballerina version: 2201.8.0

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