Ballerina Central Deletion Policy


The deletion policy for Ballerina Central aims to provide guidelines and procedures for the removal of public packages, modules, or other contributions from the platform. This policy ensures that deletion requests are handled in a transparent, secure, and accountable manner while considering the potential impact on users and the broader Ballerina community.

Please note that a package referred to in this document is a specific version of the package [org_name]/[package_name]:[version].

The administrator of the organization can initiate package deletion by using the email address associated with their Ballerina Central login.

1. Deletion Criteria:

a. Legal Reasons: Content that violates applicable laws or regulations must be promptly removed.

b. Security Concerns: Packages or modules with severe security vulnerabilities may be subject to immediate removal.

c. Inactivity: If a package or module has been inactive for an extended period and has no significant impact on existing users, it may be considered for deletion subject to section 2.b.

d. Accidental push: If a package is pushed accidentally, it may be considered for deletion.

2. Deletion Process:

Once a package is deleted, the action is irreversible and cannot be undone.

a. Request Submission: Individuals or organizations seeking deletion must submit a formal request to the Ballerina Central administrators by sending an email to using the same email used to push the package.

b. Review and Evaluation: The administrators will review the request, considering the criteria mentioned above. They may seek additional information from the requester if needed.

Deletion Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Packages published less than 72 hours ago For newly created packages, as long as no other packages in the Ballerina Central depend on the pushed package, it can be deleted anytime within the first 72 hours after publishing.

  2. Packages published more than 72 hours ago Regardless of how long ago a package was published, a package can be deleted if: There are no other packages in the Ballerina Central depending on the published package and has less than 50 downloads from the date the package was pushed.

  3. Package delete requests which don’t match the above criteria will be reviewed case by case.

c. Community Impact Assessment: The potential impact on the Ballerina community will be assessed. If removal could significantly disrupt users, alternative solutions will be explored.

d. Communication: Once a decision is reached, the requester will be informed of the outcome, and if applicable, users relying on the content will be notified in advance.

3. Who can delete packages

a. Public packages can only be deleted by the Ballerina Central administrator.

4. Appeal Process:

a. If a deletion request is denied, the requester may appeal by providing additional context or addressing concerns raised during the review.

b. The appeal will be reviewed by a different set of administrators, and a final decision will be communicated to the requester.

5. User Account Deletion:

a. A user account deletion will not remove the packages the user pushes. User account deletion will only remove PII data. To delete a package, users must submit a separate request to For the removal of personally identifiable information (PII) data, please redirect the request to

6. Transparency:

a. Public Record: All deletion requests, decisions, and appeals will be documented in a publicly accessible record, excluding sensitive information.

b. User Notifications: Users relying on the content subject to deletion will be informed in advance whenever possible, along with guidance on alternative solutions.

7. Continuous Improvement:

a. Periodic Review: The deletion policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

b. Feedback Mechanism: Users and contributors are encouraged to provide feedback on the policy for continuous improvement.

8. Contact Information:

For deletion requests and related inquiries, please contact the Ballerina Central administrators at

Note: This policy is subject to change, and updates will be communicated to the Ballerina community through official channels.