Module plaid

ballerinax/plaid Ballerina library



This is a generated connector for Plaid API 2020-09-14 version OpenAPI specification.

The Plaid REST API. Plaid provides a way for you to seamlessly link your bank accounts for over 3,000 different financial services.


Before using this connector in your Ballerina application, complete the following:


To use the Plaid connector in your Ballerina application, update the .bal file as follows:

Step 1: Import connector

First, import the ballerinax/plaid module into the Ballerina project.

import ballerinax/plaid;

Step 2: Create a new connector instance

Create a plaid:ApiKeysConfig with the credentials obtained, and initialize the connector with it.

plaid:ApiKeysConfig config = {
    plaidClientId : "<CLIENT_ID>", 
    plaidSecret : "<CLIENT_SECRET>", 
    plaidVersion : "<VERSION>"
plaid:Client baseClient = check new Client(config);

Step 3: Invoke connector operation

  1. Now you can use the operations available within the connector. Note that they are in the form of remote operations.

    Following is an example on how to list a user’s connected applications using the connector.

    List a a user’s connected applications

    public function main() returns error? {
        plaid:ItemApplicationListRequest payload = {
            access_token: "<ACCESS_TOKEN_OF_ITEM_DATA>"
        plaid:ItemApplicationListResponse response = check baseClient->itemApplicationList(payload);
  2. Use bal run command to compile and run the Ballerina program.