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import ballerinax/azure_functions;

Package Overview

This module provides an annotation-based Azure Functions extension implementation for Ballerina.

Azure Setup

  • An Azure "Function App" needs to be created in a given resource group with the following requirements
    • Runtime stack - "Java 11"
    • Hosting operating system - "Windows" (This is the default and Linux is not supported in Azure for custom handlers at the moment)

Supported Annotations:


Custom 'host.json'

A custom host.json file for the functions deployment can be optionally provided by placing a 'host.json' file in the current working directory in which the bal build is done. The required host.json properties are provided/overridden by the values derived from the source code by the compiler extension.

Report Issues

To report bugs, request new features, start new discussions, view project boards, etc., go to the Ballerina Azure Functions repository.

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Created date: 31 May,2022

Ballerina compatibility

Platform: any

Ballerina version: 2201.1.0