ballerinax/aws.lambda Ballerina library


Module Overview

This module provides the capabilities of creating AWS Lambda functions using Ballerina.

Annotation Usage Sample:

import ballerinax/aws.lambda;
import ballerina/uuid;
import ballerina/io;

// The `@lambda:Function` annotation marks a function to
// generate an AWS Lambda function
public function echo(lambda:Context ctx, json input) returns json {
   return input;

public function uuid(lambda:Context ctx, json input) returns json {
   return uuid:createType1AsString();

// The `lambda:Context` object contains request execution
// context information
public function ctxinfo(lambda:Context ctx, json input) returns json|error {
   json result = { RequestID: ctx.getRequestId(),
                   DeadlineMS: ctx.getDeadlineMs(),
                   InvokedFunctionArn: ctx.getInvokedFunctionArn(),
                   TraceID: ctx.getTraceId(),
                   RemainingExecTime: ctx.getRemainingExecutionTime() };
   return result;

public function notifySQS(lambda:Context ctx, 
                          lambda:SQSEvent event) returns json {
    return event.Records[0].body;

public function notifyS3(lambda:Context ctx, 
                         lambda:S3Event event) returns json {
    return event.Records[0].s3.'object.key;

public function notifyDynamoDB(lambda:Context ctx, 
                               lambda:DynamoDBEvent event) returns json {
    return event.Records[0].dynamodb.Keys.toString();

public function notifySES(lambda:Context ctx, 
                          lambda:SESEvent event) returns json {
    return event.Records[0].ses.mail.commonHeaders.subject;

public function apigwRequest(lambda:Context ctx, 
                             lambda:APIGatewayProxyRequest request) {
    io:println("Path: ", request.path);

The output of the bal build is as follows:

$ bal build functions.bal Compiling source functions.bal Generating executable functions.jar @aws.lambda:Function: echo, uuid, ctxinfo, notifySQS, notifyS3 Run the following command to deploy each Ballerina AWS Lambda function: aws lambda create-function --function-name $FUNCTION_NAME --zip-file fileb:// --handler functions.$FUNCTION_NAME --runtime provided --role $LAMBDA_ROLE_ARN --layers arn:aws:lambda:$REGION_ID:134633749276:layer:ballerina-jre17:1 --memory-size 512 --timeout 10 Run the following command to re-deploy an updated Ballerina AWS Lambda function: aws lambda update-function-code --function-name $FUNCTION_NAME --zip-file fileb://


import ballerinax/aws.lambda;Copy


Released date: 10 months ago

Version: 3.2.0

License: Apache-2.0


Platform: java17

Ballerina version: 2201.8.0

GraalVM compatible: Yes

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Current verison: 12

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